Lessons From Adoption

I am a single Mom and adopted my son from a cousin who was not in a place to raise another child. My Mom and I were in the delivery room with my cousin when he was born and he’s been my heart ever since! He is 5 years old now and is my everything! We are not the typical family or adoption story, but God had his hand in our entire story and I am truly blessed to be his Mama!

I’m really not even sure how to put into words what adoption has taught me. The two words that immediately pop into mind related to adoption are love and family, both for many reasons.

Adoption has taught me what the word family truly means. As I mentioned, my son was adopted from a cousin. The day he was born our family filled up an entire waiting room. My family, her family, friends that we consider family...our family. All were there to support us, all of us....his birth mom and her decision to give Dayton a life she could not provide. And me, for wanting to love her child as my own, for him to grow up in our family, his family. Also to support this little boy, to show him we will all always be there, this family, his family full of love.

Adoption has also taught me about love. You never know how much you can truly love until you have known the love of a child. But in the case of adoption it goes beyond that. The love that a birth mother has for the child, the child whose needs she puts above her own, as she makes the hardest choice. The love that I have for her, for choosing me, for allowing me to be a mother.

As our story continues, through the tough questions and explanations that will arise, my wish is that Dayton will always know the abundance of love and family that he is surrounded with. That is the core of our story, of how it all began. I am blessed and grateful everyday for adoption. My life is forever changed!

-Dayona from Florida

Photo Credit: Tamara Muscha Photography www.trmuschaphotography.com

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