Infertility Brought Us An Amazing Gift

When I was dealing with infertility, I remember thinking of adoption as second best, and as though I would be a failure if I had to adopt and couldn't have biological children. When I started the process, I was still a little hesitant.

Once I met my son's birth mom, that opinion changed. Seeing how she loved her son selflessly enough to give him to someone who could care for him the way he needed showed me the beauty of adoption. It showed me that adoption isn't a backup plan, but an amazing gift. It's a beautiful thing to know that, without adoption, we wouldn't have our son. That if my body had worked the way I wanted it to, he wouldn't be a part of our family, and this is where he belongs. Going through the process taught me that adoption is, for so many (including myself), the *best* choice. I wasn't failing because I couldn't have a biological baby. I was doing exactly what was right for my family by finding the baby that belonged with us, but needed to get here a different way. -Rachel

Photography courtesy of Funkytown Photo Co., Fort Worth, Texas

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