"I was flooded with emotions the moment I saw that name."

Adoption wasn't on our hearts until the Lord put it there, when our biological daughter was four years old. We prayed about it and felt unmistakably led to grow our family through foster care and adoption.

In April of 2015, our agency reached out to see if we would like to be considered for a 7-month-old little boy named Noah. I was flooded with emotions the moment I saw that name. Noah is a name associated with an incredible story in the Bible of a man trusting God for what he was sure he heard God tell him to do, and then waiting for it to happen. The story ends with a beautiful promise and a reminder of how much God loves us. I was in tears thinking of that story, and the name of this baby boy. I knew this was our son. The wait was over.

One month later, we brought sweet baby Noah home. We fell in love. I am so thankful Noah's biological mother valued his life and choose not to abort her baby. Her choice of life resulted in a son for us, a brother for our daughter, and a life for Noah. Now, Noah is our son forever.



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