Don't Lose Heart in the Wait

Our first adoption journey was 3 years long and filled with heartache, loss and pain. Our second journey was equally as painful but only 18 months of waiting. I longed to hold my daughters so deeply that it hurt to breathe at times but I never ever lost sight of the fact that somewhere out there were MY babies and they needed us as much as we needed them. However the weeks rolled into months and the months into years and we daily learned to rest in the fact that the Lord had us in His hands. With both of our daughters we received a last minute call that they were already born and waiting for us at the hospital.

I remember walking into that NICU full of babies and my husband instantly knowing exactly which one was our first daughter before they even pointed her out. She was having a hearing test done and all we could see was the top of her head, but we knew she was ours and we felt the most intense all consuming love for the top of that perfect little head!

With our second daughter her biological mother placed her into our arms and said “this is your daughter, what will her name be?” To this day, that moment was full of love not only for my beautiful baby, but also for her amazing and brave bio mom who put her baby first before herself in the purest love of all!

Have no fear, the wait may feel like it will never end and while it feels like it might eat you alive, remember that it is worth every single agonizing second, because in the end you will be holding YOUR child, the one whom God planed and prepared for you to hold and love. Don’t loose heart in the wait.

-Chris and Jasmine, New Mexico

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