Adoption is the heart of the Father

We are a family of 7! Yes, I said 7! We have five children, 4 adopted and 1 surprise biological. Our kids are 16, 6, 3, 2, and 1.

When I hear the word "adoption" my heart just leaps! I love everything about it, from the selfless story of the sweetest birth mom's, to the moment we held our little ones in our arms for the first time, to the growing relationships we have with two of the birth mom's.

When others hear the word "adoption" they most likely think about the cost, the paperwork, the long journey it takes. After 4 adoptions, I can honestly say every single bit of it was 100% worth it!

When God places someone in my path that is interested in adoption, I always say "Adoption is the heart of the Father and if He placed it on your heart, then He will move mountains (finances, home studies, etc) to make it happen!"



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