Adoption Funding Miracles

We were told it would take at least 2 years to get our baby, so we were starting to save up, but thought we had a lot of time. Instead, it only took 7 months from start to finish!

It was amazing to get her so soon, but the financial stress was heavy. We decided to look at all options, including taking out some of my husband’s 401K. Apparently they won’t even let you consider borrowing from your self at his company without the president’s approval. When he saw the request, he called my husband into his office and asked why he needed money. He explained about the adoption and said we were just looking at options. The president of the company then told my husband he had worked extra hard for years and deserved a bonus. He then wrote a check for the exact amount we owed the agency!!

I can’t begin to express how much this gift from God eased our hearts and helped us bring home our amazing little girl!


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