Cradled in God's Amazing & Perfect Grace

On a Sunday morning a few weeks ago, in the presence of God and our church family, we dedicated our sons, Micah and Ethan.

Afterward, while singing praises to God, the tears began to flow. It was all I could do not to sob out loud. The memories were rushing in, flashes of so many church services in years past, Christmas Eve services, Mother's Day services, Sundays when children were dedicated, Sundays watching fathers baptize their sons ... so many Sundays when I cried silent tears, my heart shattering inside, secretly pleading with God to make me a mother.

The emotions nearly overwhelmed me. I am so thankful that God used two women, two courageous women who chose life, to bring us our sons. I am both honored and humbled to be eternally cradled in God's abundant and life-giving grace; one living testimony to that is standing between my husband and I, another testimony to that is held in my arms. I am forever grateful for these two women who suffered tremendous pain in exchange for our great joy. I am at times nearly broken by the sacrifice given so that we might experience this tremendous love. It brings me great pleasure to now have the privilege to walk beside others on this difficult, heart-wrenching, but oh-so-amazing journey! My prayer each day, for those I walk beside, is that no matter how long or bumpy the road, they would be comforted and remain steadfast, cradled in God's amazing and perfect grace.

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