Beauty for Ashes: God's Faithful Provision

God writes the most incredible and beautiful stories! I hope this will encourage those of you in the waiting process, those who are trying to raise funding, those who feel like it’ll never happen. Two years ago tod ay our sweet, funny boy was born thousands of miles away in Honolulu, Hawaii. We had no idea our son was being born that day and wouldn't know for weeks. We never dreamed we'd soon be going to Hawaii and had never even heard of the Marshall Islands, where his birth family emigrated from. We are so grateful we serve a sovereign God whose plans are far greater than ours!

On this day, the day he was born, we were in the middle of a benefit auction to help fund our adoption. The costs involved in each adoption vary, but we had set a budget based on the average. We had borrowed as much as we could, drained our savings and were trying to raise funds for a matching grant that we had been awarded. I wrote this the day he was born:

"While we are so thankful for the encouragement and support from all of you, we know that ultimately God is in sovereign control of all of this. The auction is doing great and, while I thank you all, I would just like to say, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!! We are at least $10,000 short for this adoption, but we are not worried at all. We know that God will provide what is needed when we are faced with the child that is meant to be ours. We have seen this happen in countless adoptions when families have stepped out in faith."

It turned out that on that day, we were actually $20,000, not $10,000, short of the $45,000 in fees needed for Ethan's adoption. We most definitely didn't have the extra to travel to Hawaii on top of those fees. If we had been called to "match" on this baby that day, we would have had to pass. But our God knew who our son was before he even formed him in the womb. This child was ours and God was in control.

My husband Scott's mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 6 months before Ethan's birth. We got a contract on her condo just weeks before his birth and were supposed to close on it at the end of May. The closing was delayed until the second week of June. We received from that sale almost exactly what we needed for Ethan's adoption. We were asked if we wanted to be considered for this baby just days after closing, even though he had been born two weeks before. God's timing is perfect! I know she would love that what she considered to be so little in terms of her inheritance to us, brought us immeasurable wealth in the form of a child.

I was shown this picture of our son before we presented for match. There were two children that agency was trying to match and we were given the choice of which birth mom would view our profile. It's difficult to describe what I felt when I saw Ethan's photo ... the best I can do is to say I knew him. It was like I recognized him as mine. I looked into that baby's face

and knew he was ours. I truly loved him the minute I saw him. Looking back, I know God knew that too and was working His perfect plan so that all the little details would come together to make it happen. There is even more to this story, so many little details that had to fall into place, many unknown to us until later, yet all perfectly orchestrated. Only God.

Adoption is hard. So, so HARD. It is costly and painful. But God brings beauty from the ashes. We are so thankful to God and his first mom for this precious gift! Happy Birthday my precious baby boy! I'm so thankful God and your first momma gave you to us!

To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory. Isaiah 61:3

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