Partner Agencies

Sends Potential Match Cases

Abiding Love- St Simon Island, GA
Carrie Murray Nellis- attorney/owner
Vickie Coles- Birthmom advocate/business partner
Also licensed in FL, NC, AL
*This agency only does HS with HAPs. They only work with EM’s for matching. They require all
families to work with a consultant.

Family Creations-Bradenton, FL
Kiah and Kathryn

Forever Families- Ft. Lauderdale
Margot Logan, Executive Director

Connected By Love- Orlando, FL and Seattle, WA
Heather Pincelli, Executive Director

Gift of Life- Tampa, FL
Joelle Parris, Family Coordinator

A Bond of Love-Sarasota, FL
Angela Carey, Executive Director

My Florida Adoptions-Clearwater, FL
Leah Wilde- Director of Adoption Services

Destiny Adoptions- Tampa, FL
Malia Price, Adoption Specialist
Caterina Robertson, Director of Operations

Heart to Heart-Sandy, Utah (Also licensed in NY and FL)
Lisa Blackham,
Donna Pope, Executive Director

Linda Stephens- adoptive family cases manager
Teresa- Adoptive family case worker

Mother Goose- Scottsdale, Arizona
Tracy and Suzann

Adoption Life- West Jordan, Utah and SW (Rexburg) Idaho
Mindy Jensen, Adoptive Family Social Worker

Hope Embraced- Inman, SC
Jeanna Smith, Executive Director
Bernice Hurley, Expectant Mom Caseworker

Life Tree- Dallas, TX
Robin Stephenson, Owner/Director

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