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Cradled in Grace is more than just a matching and referral service. We want to ensure that our clients are fully equipped and well educated before the matching process begins. It is Important to us that families present their profiles prepared to love and support all members of the triad well. By providing the support and education needed to accomplish this, our clients can present their profiles with a full understanding of what to expect with each situation and do so 100% committed to follow through if chosen.

We have developed a village to assist in educating and supporting our clients. This has been accomplished through partnerships with well-known and trusted adoption professionals who represent different sides of the triad.

Meet Our Village


Ashley Mitchell of Knee to Knee

Ashley Mitchell, owner of Big Tough Girl and Founder + Executive Director of Lifetime Healing Foundation, set out to seek increased care, understanding, and resources for birth mothers.  For over a decade, Ashley has been one of the most consistent and sought after birth mother voices in the nation.  Well known for her vulnerability and transparency in adoption, her story has touched the hearts of countless members of the adoption community and beyond.


We at Cradled in Grace are honored to be able to partner with Ashley and share her experience and insight with our clients.

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1 Hour phone consultation

On this 60-minute phone call Ashley will help to help clients navigate the birth mom relationship. This call can include:

* brainstorming through your specific situation and creating a plan of action that is customized to your unique relationship.

*How to love an expectant mother after you have been chosen. Including meeting for the first time, gifts, hospital and more

*Understanding Adoptive Parent guilt, setting appropriate boundaries so you don’t cross the line and understand that the birth mother’s grief is NOT YOUR FAULT!

*How to navigate an open adoption through anything that life throws at you. Including silence of a birth mother, adding additional family to the mix, visits, “unsafe” situations and more.

Profile Review

The profile book is such a huge part of the process. Having someone who knows what it’s like to make an adoption plan share her insight and impressions about your profile can be incredibly helpful. We want your book to be expectant mom centered and to be an authentic representation of who you really are. This helps create that important connection that is so important in the expectant mom's decision and comfort level going forward. Ashley is available to review and provide profile book review of your letters to the expectant parent, content and overall impressions of the design and more. This service is avaiable for all Cradled in Grace clients.


Families are walking into adoption unprepared, pushed into situations that they could have never planned for and are struggling through the realities of what “ADOPTION IS FOR LIFE” actually means to the birth parent relationship. Lifetime Healing is offering the FIRST AND ONLY education platform that is bringing the Birth Parent perspective to common topics. Through our partnership with Lifetime Healing, Cradled in Grace clients will have a chance to sit with, listen to and learn from the perspectives of men and women whom have relinquished their rights. Cradled in Grace families will receive a 1-year subscription to Back to Basics. This provides access to all videos available through the Lifetime Healing library; an incredible and invaluable resource!

We want to show our commitment to all sides of the adoption triad and to take the lead in encouraging clients to commit to caring for birth parents well. For every Cradled in Grace client registered for Back to Basics, Cradled in Grace will donate $100 to Lifetime Healing's free post placement care for birth families. This ensures that regardless of what level of post placement care the placing agency provides, birth families have access to quality post placement curriculum and support at no cost to them.

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Brittany Nelsen of Graceful Wellness Therapy

Dr. Brittany Nelsen is a clinical psychologist who earned her PsyD from Wheaton College in 2011.  Since then, she has worked in partial hospitalization, residential, and outpatient therapy settings.  Dr. Nelsen specializes in faith-based Christian therapy, with the goal of helping her clients experience the healing That God provides.  She owns her own private practice, Graceful Wellness Therapy, operating out of Southwest Florida. Dr. Nelsen is also an adoptive Mama, nurturing a very open adoption with her daughter’s birth family.  She and her husband are familiar with the unique challenges of both infertility and foster parenting.  Dr. Nelsen is passionate about honoring all members of the adoption triad.  As part of this calling, she enjoys walking alongside hopeful adoptive parents as they grieve previous losses and work through pre-conceived expectations as they prepare their hearts for the adoption journey ahead.

2 virtual counseling sessions

 In addition to the personalized support your consultant will provide, we are also offering 2 virtual counseling sessions with Dr. Nelson. From grieving infertility and pregnancy losses, to dealing with the complex emotions that come with adoption, we want to be sure you are fully supported.

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Amanda McKinstry of Black Girl White Family

Amanda is an adult transracial adoptee, who was adopted at 3 days old into an Italian American/Irish American home.  Amanda was part of a closed adoption but was able to reunite with her biological family at the age of 15. She is a proud parent of a 15 year old girl and understands the commitment, effort and patience it takes to raise a child. 

Amanda started her journey on Youtube which influenced her brand “ Black Girl White Family”.  Since sharing her own adoption story publicly, Amanda has formed a business to educate and bring awareness to transracial adoption, as well as mentor young transracial adoptees. Amanda offers parent workshops and one on one sessions to educate white adoptive parents of black children.

Black Girl White Family is a place where families are able to learn, grow and receive support as it relates to transracial adoption.  She is genuine and transparent which allows her to provide knowledge through her own lived experiences.  


4 hour interactive webinar

Our clients are given access to a 4-hour interactive webinar with Amanda. Adoptive parents will learn ways to support their adoptee to develop a strong racial identity and learn coping skills for racism. Adoptive parents will have more confidence in understanding what their child needs in order to thrive, as they better understand the obstacles their child will face and are provided with the resources to help their child grow in confidence. 

1 Hour phone consultation

All Cradled in Grace clients attending the webinar will be given a code to receive a one-on-one coaching session with Amanda.

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Lindsey Kuipers of For This Child

Lindsey is an adoptive mom to three beautiful babies, an educator, and a designer. She started For This Child with a desire to honor birth moms, walk alongside families in the trenches of adoption, and create a profile book that celebrates the uniqueness of who they are. She believes every profile has the opportunity to not only share the heart of your family but also encourage and empower each expectant mom who turns through its pages. She pours her heart into every profile as she carefully curates the design, verbiage, and overall feel with the hope of providing each family with something they love. 

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Because this is such a vital part of finding the right situation for you, Cradled in Grace pays the fee to have Lindsey work with you in order to create an authentic and genuine profile that lets your unique personality shine through *(this service is included only for new contracts in 2022). We will provide support along the way, as well as a page by page review. (optional review by Ashley Mitchell included- see above) We think you'll love the finished product. 

All services on this page are included with the Cradled in Grace contract fee, in addition to the services provided by your personal consultant.

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