Meet our Independent Consultants

Meet Kim

My name is Kim. I am the founder and executive Director of Cradled in Grace. I consider it an honor and a privilege to guide and support families on their adoption journey. I love being able to be a small part in the beautiful adoption stories God writes!


I have been married to Scott, my amazing and supportive husband for 21 years. After 11 years of struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss, we are blessed to be parents to three beautiful boys, Micah, Ethan ad Asher, who came to us through adoption. I'm thankful to be able to work from home, where I can enjoy more time with my sons and sneak in a little playtime throughout the day. I am blessed to be able to homeschool my older two boys. Although it is sometimes a challenge, I feel privileged to be tasked with shaping their minds and character with a Christian worldview and enjoy making learning fun and exciting. 

In 2021 our dreams of living at the coast came true. After Beaufort, SC popped up on my radar in a crazy roundabout way, we planned a last-minute 20th anniversary trip to check out the town. We love small, historic, coastal towns and we love the beach even more! We immediately fell in love with Beaufort, so much so that we looked at a house before we left and made an offer the next morning. The next months were a whirlwind of selling our house in Texas and moving our family across country. We have never regretted it for a minute! 


I don't always find much time for my hobbies these days, but when I can, I enjoy decorating on a dime, finding discarded treasures and refinishing them, or repurposing old things, to give them new life. It makes me happy to share my home with others. I love to try new recipes and to cook from scratch, using fresh ingredients. I like to read and still prefer good old-fashioned paper books, but confess, I don't get much time to do it these days. My home is still full of overstuffed bookcases, though. There will be time for that again when the boys are older! I love to garden. I hope to get back to gardening once my boys are older and more independent. Playing in the dirt is a favorite way to wind down and I love to share my crop of herbs, vegetables and flowers with others. 


Most of my spare time these days is spent as family, swimming in our pool, or exploring all the DFW metroplex has to offer. When I need to escape and find quiet time with God, I can usually be found in the far corner of our property, in my grandma's old metal chair, hanging out with my chickens (all named after flowers in honor of my love of gardening).


Even with a crazy schedule, Scott and I still squeeze in date nights now and then. After nearly 19 years, we are still the best of friends and have love spending time together. He is my rock, my compass and I coudn't do this crazy, amazing life without him!


Meet Caylee

Hi! I am Caylee and I am one of the consultants here at Cradled in Grace.


My husband, Blake, and I are college sweethearts and have been married for 7 years. Although we still try to find ways to focus on each other like we did when we were 18, it’s a lot harder these days with our 3 young kids running around. When we do find some time for the two of us, we love to play games – Phase 10 if I get to pick and Ticket to Ride if he gets to pick, catch up on some of our favorite TV shows, or take on a project creating our refurbishing a new piece of furniture for our house. It is quite satisfying for me to look around our house and see all of the pieces we have created by hand. None of them are perfect, but each one comes with its own sense of accomplishment and memories.


Our family recently relocated to Cincinnati, OH from rural Idaho, so we have been on a new adventure every day! We love exploring the local parks with new friends and experiencing all the city has to offer us. It has been an adjustment, but we are learning to love our new way of life.


I am sure you can imagine the energy level that is present at our house. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be home during the day so that I can watch all of the crazy moments unfold in real time. Of course, my house is never as clean as I would like it, but I try to remind myself that it is evidence of the great blessings my kiddos are. We play playdoh, race our hot wheels, and I push the swings endlessly. As my kids have gotten older, I have loved getting to teach them more about Jesus and the Bible and see their little minds come alive as they ask questions or learn a new memory verse. There is no greater joy than watching your children grow in the Lord!


As a former Cradled in Grace client, I have been in your shoes, and I am so honored you are inviting us to walk this adoption journey with you! My husband and I began our adoption journey at the beginning of 2018 when our daughter was just 9 months old. After much prayer, we began to pursue the adoption, and in just a few months our family of 3 was a family of 5! Adoption didn’t look exactly like we thought it would, but we are so thankful to Kim for her prayers and guidance on the journey.


Meet Tiffany

Hello! I am Tiffany Stewart, and I am one of the consultants with Cradled in Grace.

Adoption has been a part of my heart since my mother became a foster parent when I entered college. Watching her pour into children, daily, opened my eyes to the world of adoption. Our adoption journey started unexpectedly after the passing of my mother, when my husband and I quickly adopted our oldest, then 6, whom my mom adopted from foster care. Four years later, through the help of an adoption consultant, we adopted our 2nd son, and the Lord just told us He wasn’t done with our family. In a
matter of five years, our family grew to a family of 7 all through adoption until God blessed us to conceive with our youngest.

My husband, Jon and I, have been married since November of 2003, and with our 5 children; Nicholas, Elijah, Izzy, Isaiah, and Hannah Grace, we also have two dogs, Trinity and Jet. Our home is a daily circus of chaos, but we are beyond blessed by the gifts God has entrusted us with. We live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, where we love to be with our church family, swim and ride bikes finding hidden trails and parks in our neighborhood community. Our kids are active in sports and various activities where we love to support and encourage each one learning and understanding their giftings.

I have a desire and passion about using natural alternatives for my family’s health and wellness. My longing to change our health was ignited after our 9 year old was diagnosed with celiacs disease. With this new diagnosis came a new way of healthy
eating and way of living. Finding new recipes to cook and tweaking old ones has been quite the adventure, but I love the challenge and seeing my child heal from the inside out through diet, natural supplements, and essential oils has been such a joy.


In the small amounts of time I find where my circus is not around, I strive to listen to as many audible books that guide me in raising my children, can bring me spiritually closer to my Father, and books that have a common thread of adoption. God has given me the gift of written words so I love writing the Words the Lord has placed upon my heart for the encouragement of others

When Jon and I can get out for a date night, we love to visit local restaurants, usually family owned, and grab a coffee afterwards or go to a movie! We have even been known to run errands on our date nights!

It has always been my dream to be able to support, guide, and encourage families following God’s plan to adopt! Before joining Cradled in Grace, I was a Speech Therapist and then a stay at home/home school mom to my children. Adoption is a true journey of complete faith and trust in the Lord. One day you are riding the waves of joy and then the next you feel you have crashed into a rock. I look forward to riding the waves along with you and encouraging you to overcome each rock thrown your way during your adoption journey.

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