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Do we help match clients?

While we do pass on case information when a partner agency reaches out in need of families, we are not primarily a matching service. We don’t want families focused on the time it takes or the number of cases we can provide. This focus can easily turn to a temptation to makes excuses and bend on self-set boundaries resulting in supporting unethical adoption practices. We encourage families to be triad focused, not solely baby focused. Regardless of whether it takes weeks or months, we want to empower them in finding the RIGHT MATCH for their family, and to ensure an ethical adoption.

You used to include more case referrals and assistance in matching. Why have you changed?

When Cradled in Grace began, there was a huge need for families educated and willing to present to expectant moms desiring an open adoption. There was also a need to families open to prenatal drug exposure as well as transracial adoption. We met that need by educating our clients and providing families willing to present to these moms. And when there’s a need, we still do this.


However, the face of adoption has changed. There are many reasons for this. With the growth of Instagram and the increase of triad centered adoption education on social media, more families are willing to meet that need. With our nation facing an unprecedented pandemic, we’ve seen long terms effects on adoption. Births are down overall nationwide, while government programs allow many more families to remain intact. More families seem to be stepping into the adoption world, perhaps due to an increase in education, perhaps also because families feel more financially able after months of staying home. Whatever the reason, we consistently hear that there are 1/2 the number of placements and 2-3 x the number of adoptive families. Therefore, there’s less need for agencies to reach out to consultants.


Our program has always been fluid, we've changed as we grew in knowledge (yes, we’re always learning too!) and as we see gaps that need to be filled. As we’ve listened to all sides of the triad and learned where the greatest need is, we’ve consistently heard that it’s in educating and supporting families throughout the process, while advocating for the entire triad and the most ethical adoption practices possible. Again, when there is a need, we still pass those cases on to our clients. However, we want to serve all clients well, so we encourage clients to engage in many other sources and empower them to make decisions they don’t later regret. We aren’t the ones making the lifelong commitment, so we believe we shouldn't be the ones choosing who you partner with. This also allows our families to work with some amazing, highly ethical agencies out there who don’t work with consultants who are facilitating matches.

Why do we need a consultant if your goal is not to facilitate a match?

Adoption isn’t as simple as just finding a ‘match’. It’s a complicated, multi-layered process and it’s a lifelong commitment to both the child and the birth family. Our goal is to prepare families well and to continue to support, empower and guide them through placement and beyond. We want you to rest knowing you did the best you could to ensure an ethical adoption. We want you to feel empowered to create a loving and healthy triad relationship that will continue for life. Our services include education and support services valued at $2000 from well-known and respected professionals in the industry, representing all sides of the triad.

Can we work with Cradled in Grace if we’ve already started with an agency or have been in the process a while?

Yes! Adoption is not easy no matter where you are in the process. Sometimes important steps are slipped, or mistakes are made, and there’s always something new to learn. Agencies are often more focused on expectant moms than adoptive families and don’t provide the education and support you need. As long as you’re open to new information and receiving support, we’re happy to walk alongside you no matter where you are in the process.


We are not yet fully funded. Do we need a certain dollar amount available before you can work with us?

Absolutely not! We faithfully believe no one should ever let cost stand in the way of adoption! We will help educate you on a realistic adoption budget, we will educate you on the pitfalls of trying to save money in the wrong places, and we will guide you in finding proper funding. Part of our services at Cradled in Grace is advising and supporting our clients who need financial help. Our clients have access to an extensive list of grants, interest free loans and other funding ideas. Every family is unique and what works for some does not work for others. Cradled in Grace will work with you to create a customized plan to fit your family and will continue to provide support throughout the funding process. We believe that if God gave you a heart for adoption, He will fund it! We have seen so many adoption funding miracles and have even experienced them on our own adoption journeys. We will joyfully walk alongside any family willing to put their faith in God and trust Him to provide.

Does our contract end when we match or receive placement of a baby?

No! We’re here to continue to educate and support you throughout the entire process and beyond. The challenges don’t end at placement. We want to support you as you navigate a birth family relationship, adjust to a new family member, and learn to support your child’s racial identity, as well as their identity as an adoptee. Your contract is for one year of continued education, guidance, and support. Your consultant and our village of partners is available throughout the term of your contract.

Who will be my consultant? Will I work with multiple staff members?

You will be assigned one consultant to work with you throughout the entire process. We want you to feel like more than just a number. We maintain small caseloads and dedicate the time to get to know you personally so that we can offer comprehensive and personalize support. Every family and each adoption is unique. We want you to feel like more than just a number. With our guidance, clients feel more confidence in the process, and are more likely to experience a successful match and maintain a successful long term triad relationship. 






How do we know if Cradled in Grace is the right fit for us?


We think having the right consultant is important. We know that Cradled in Grace might not be perfect for every family and we truly want you to find the best fit for your family. We don't believe in setting false expectations or pushing families to sign with us without providing all the information they need, or in any way misleading families about what we offer. We do believe that the only way to know if Cradled in Grace is right for you is to get to know us better. Still have questions? We would love to talk to you! Because we think this is so important, Cradled in Grace encourages potential clients to take advantage of our no cost, no obligation phone consultation. During this time, will explain our process, answer your questions in an honest manner and tell you more about us. We talk to too many families who tell us they wish they had found us sooner, after being taken advantage of or misled by other adoption professionals. We truly want you to have all the information you need to make the right decision!

Cradled in Grace feels like the right fit. How do I apply?

Just fill out our online application. You should receive a confirmation email once your application is submitted. We will be in touch within 2 business days.

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