More Than a Consultant

Cradled in Grace is more than a business to us, it’s a ministry born out of our personal experience. We look to Christ first as we assist families in navigating the adoption space. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that goes along with adoption and we believe it is our calling to equip families through a Christ-centered approach as they fulfill their call to adoption.

At Cradled in Grace we are here to walk alongside our clients through each step of their adoption journey, offering personalized service from the first steps through finalization. Our goal at Cradled in Grace is to minimize risk and help to navigate the roadblocks to a successful adoption, while promoting ethical adoption practices and honoring all members of the triad. More than clients to us, the families we help are like our family, we pray with them, share in their struggles and celebrate when they are holding their child in their arms. We consider it an honor to be a part of each client's adoption testimonies.

Cradled in Grace Adoption Consultants joyfully assist families throughout the United States who desire to build their family through domestic newborn adoption.

Hi, I'm Kim!

My name is Kim Smith and I’m the founder and Executive Director of Cradled in Grace.  I'd like to share our story....


For more than 12 years, I worked as a full-time social worker. During this time, I struggled through years of pregnancy loss and infertility, before having the privilege of becoming mom to my son, Micah. With his adoption in 2012, a seed was planted. I began to view adoption in a different way. As I later returned to work, helping both adoptive families and adult adoptees, my interest in adoption continued to grow. As an open advocate for adoption, I had often been approached by friends and acquaintances and asked to help guide them through the difficult and emotional process of domestic adoption. I began to see how rewarding it was to walk with others throughout the adoption process.


These experiences, as well as the adoption of another son in 2015, only made stronger the passion and desire to help and advocate for all members of the adoption triad. I began to see my heart for adoption and my ability to help others through the adoption process as a God-given calling. I was able to look back and see how God had been preparing me for this for more than a decade. As I prayed for wisdom and direction, Cradled in Grace was born in my heart. With God's guidance and the encouragement and support of my incredible husband, in 2017 my dream became a reality.  


My team an dI are honored to be able to share our knowledge and personal experiences with others, as we walk beside our clients each step of the way, from the decision to pursue adoption, until finalization. Our prayer each day, for those we walk beside, is that no matter how long or bumpy the road, they would be comforted and remain steadfast, cradled in God's amazing and perfect grace.


Cradled in Grace equips our clients by providing all the education and support needed to ethically build their family through domestic infant adoption.


We walk alongside our clients through every step of this emotional journey, providing a personalized plan with step-by-step  guidance throughout the domestic adoption process.


We are here for you and are happy to answer your questions and support you on this journey. We pray for each family who contacts us, that they might find the path God has chosen to lead them to the child they were meant to love.

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